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Technical Follow-up Meeting in Camissombo
Technical Follow-up Meeting in Camissombo
The Jango in the centre of Camissombo town hosted, on 10 February, a monitoring meeting of the intervention project that Yetwene has been developing for two years with the community.

On behalf of the mining project, Luís Munana, Head of the Sector for Social Responsibility and Agricultural Development; Lizângela da Silva, Coordinator of the Sustainability Project, and Filomena Pinto, Educational Technician, participated and took the pulse of the ongoing social and economic development project.

The community was represented at this work session by two of the five sobas who constitute the Samulambo ombudsman and the secretaries of the different neighbourhoods; a representative of the female community; representatives of the senior citizens; an assistant from OMA; the two teachers from Yetwene School and a representative of the youth from the population.

The session served to update the list of needs of the population, to take stock of the agricultural development project, and to define a new project for the production of local handicrafts, both to make known the identity traits of the Lundas' culture, and to generate income for the authors of the pieces.


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