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Yetwene Project celebrates miner's day

Yetwene - project diamond

Yetwene Project celebrates miner's day
The indicators of the Yetwene Mining Project, which is currently being prospected in the municipality of Camissombo, municipality of Lucapa, Lunda-Norte, point to an average diamond price per carat of around US$350 with the start of exploration.
As part of the Miner's Day, the Secretary of State for Mineral Resources, Jânio Corrêa Víctor, paid a visit to the Yetwene project, which now has a set of social infrastructures, which will serve the communities of Samulambo, commune of Camisombo.
The Yetwene Project begins a recovery phase, with a new operator/investor, in partnership with Endiama. This recovery, which follows a prolonged stoppage of more than 13 years, the date of the last production, is still the responsibility of the previous owner.
In 2019, the Yetwene Project received a license for the start of activity in the exploration area in a concession covering 508 square kilometres. Currently, attention is focused on confirming diamond reserves, investing in their expansion and increasing the mine's lifespan.
The results of the prospecting work indicate that the exploration phase will begin in June, so the perspective of monthly production will be around six thousand carats of diamonds, according to the person in charge of the exploration and planning department.
The official also stated that a significant investment was made with the acquisition of geology and exploration equipment: - We have large equipment, such as crawler tractors, with the capacity to remove 9 to 13 cubic meters per passage, responding to this shape to production needs.
Currently, the mine is operated by 195 workers, including 175 nationals. In this first year, production should start with a diamond treatment centre. The acquisition of another treatment centre is also planned in the second year, as well as the reinforcement of the workforce.
Finally, he also assured that conditions are being created to mitigate the negative impact caused to the environment, resorting to the coverage of exploited areas, thus ensuring the stability of the ecosystem.


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