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Human Resources

Yetwene - project diamond

The heart of Project Yetwene is the people
Human Resources

Yetwene - project diamond

Our employees

About hiring personnel, the "Project Yetwene" adopts inclusive recruitment policies, always seeking to establish a balance in the relationship between genders (male/female), an objective achieved through the phased incorporation of qualified female staff.
Concerned with the training of its human capital, the Company has invested in the exercise of its employees, periodically providing training and promoting exchanges with other companies, which are based on the sharing and transferring of know-how. In addition to training its human capital, "Project Yetwene" is also concerned with absorbing young people who have recently graduated and have undergone frequent training through paid internship contracts.
As a fundamental factor for the success of any organization, the "Project Yetwene" counts, in all its areas of work, with qualified collaborators equipped with vast professional experience, which has allowed us to achieve the goals set.
Currently, the Company has 244 employees, mostly young people, of whom 220 are Angolan, and 24 are from other nationalities.
Colaboradores no terreno
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Field employees

Colaborador na padaria
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Bakery employee

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Health and safety at work

The health and safety of our workers are our most significant concern and an essential element of our value chain. We establish security measures and provide all the individual and collective protection equipment necessary for carrying out work activities. We share a sense of responsibility and zeal, where each one is responsible for their safety and the safety of others to comply with the goal of 0 (zero) accidents. We strive for the training and qualification of all employees, visibly improving the efficiency in the performance of tasks. Our motto is Working for a better place.

Yetwene - project diamond

250 employees, equipped with extensive experience in the work areas in which they operate


We count on the best partners to continue to develop the areas where we are operating


We support operations in Angola, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and South Africa
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