social and environmental responsibility

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social and environmental responsibility
The Development and Social Responsibility project will have three components that will be supported by the Yetwene Project through the Mountain Stability group.
  • community-based economic and social development;
  • project Yetwene mining;
  • sustainable environmental management of Yetwene.

population compensations for the territory occupancy

Lunda Norte is a province where the incidence of poverty reaches 51% of the population, with a higher incidence in rural regions, where it is legitimate to estimate that the poverty rate can reach 80% of families. In the short and medium-term, the only opportunity for economic development in the region and for improving conditions of families is the exploitation of the main natural resources, of which the main one is the exploitation of diamonds.

The objectives

There are three goals to achieve with the project
diamond project
  • Improve the economic and social situation of the population through a community-based social and economic development initiative (community-driven development);
  • Create wealth that allows social and economic development through the project Yetwene mining, the main natural resource in the region;
  • Ensuring that development is sustainable through the environmental management of the Yetwene mine.

Community-based economic and social development

  • Resettlement and compensation of populations occupying the territory of the mining concession;
  • Construction of small community infrastructures;
  • Income generating activities;
  • Training, capacity building and technical assistance.

Lines of action in mining prject

lines of action
Treatment units;
Consulting and technical assistance.

Environmental sustainability

lines of action
Prevention and mitigation;
Pollution control;
Rehabilitation and reforestation;
Mine closure, monitoring, reporting and auditing.

Project Yetwene - social and environmental responsibility

Activities relating to economic and social development will be organized in accordance with the principles of Community-based development, in which communities participate at all stages of the process, from identification of their needs until the implementation of the respective subprojects
(WB, Washington, DC. 2019)


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