Yetwene - project diamond

Social & Environment

Yetwene - project diamond

Social responsability
Donation of food
  • Construction of small community infrastructures, specifically the eight houses of traditional authorities, community Jangos, medical post, and water supply system, with tank and fountain, in the Samulambo neighbourhood (to expand the same construction project to the area from Naluzemba);
  • Development of income-generating activities for the communities, such as the promotion of family farming, for the population's self-subsistence, through the project to create an agricultural cooperative in the community of Regedoria do Samulambo:
- Community agriculture = 10 Acre;
- Mandala Garden (20x20) = 5;
- Associated rice field = 30 Acre;
- Fish tanks = 4;
- Agricultural market= 1.
  • Development of sporting and socio-cultural activities.

Yetwene - project diamond

What we do

  • We encourage directed construction through the supply of handcrafted materials, such as wheelbarrows, machetes, hoes and other construction materials such as sheets, adobes, and cement, aiming to guarantee the improvement of the quality of life of the communities.
  • We encourage training, capacity building, and technical assistance through the construction of a school focused on intensifying literacy and providing technical courses, namely:
- Electricity and Metalworking Course;
- Mechanics course;
- Tailoring course;
- Machine Operator Course;
- Industrial Cold and Air Conditioning Course.
Our social responsibility program is based on three primary pillars/action levels, which encompass the corporate social aspects, both internal and external:
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Internal Social Responsibility;
  • External social responsibility.

As far as social responsibility is concerned, the Project has developed some leading activities to mitigate the needs of the surrounding communities and beyond.
The Project aims at the economic and social development of the community base through the following actions:
  • Resettlement and compensation of populations occupying the territory of the mining concession carried out by international standards for involuntary resettlement in the mining sector, recommended by large multilateral organizations such as the World Bank;
Construção de pequenas infraestruturas comunitárias
Yetwene - project diamond

Construction of small community infrastructures

Oferta de alimentos e motos às autoridades tradicionais de Camissombo
Yetwene - project diamond

Offering food and motorcycles to the traditional authorities of Camissombo

Yetwene - project diamond

Protecting the planet is a constant concern and one of Yetwene's goals

Yetwene - project diamond


Through technical, environmental studies and compliance with national and international standards, we have directed our efforts towards:
  • Implementation of renewable energies;
  • Protection of fauna and flora;
  • Protection of water resources;
  • Use, protection and restoration of soils and landscape base;
  • Mitigation of pollution;
  • Rehabilitation and reforestation;
  • Deactivation and closure of the mine;
  • Monitoring, reporting and auditing.
The watchword concerning QHSE issues (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) is “commitment”.
n the “Project Yetwene”, environmental aspects are seen as part of the production chain, being integrated into the Planning and Exploration Area, thus ensuring the mandatory recovery of degraded areas.
Proteção dos rios
Yetwene - project diamond

River protection

Protect fauna
We believe in continuous improvement, through the environmental awareness of our employees, visitors and third parties, through the design of environmental programs such as:
  • A tree, a smile;
  • Reuse of cooking oils for the manufacture of soap;
  • Reuse of PET bottles for the production of brooms;
  • Recycling factories for the production of toys, among others, are linked to landscape recovery and waste management.

Yetwene - project diamond

Protection of fauna, flora, water resources, pollution control, food donation, vehicles and biosafety materials


We count on the best partners to continue to develop the areas where we are operating


We support operations in Angola, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and South Africa
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